July 13, 2024

Paull Ank Ford

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Best of BS Opinion: Coronavirus outbreak, corporate frauds, and more

The Ministry of Exterior Affairs in a media briefing on Thursday explained that the problem in the national capital was rapid returning to regular. This arrived soon after India witnessed criticism at the worldwide degree. Latest Delhi riots and the ongoing protests from the Citizenship Modification Act have attracted major global focus.

Company Common Feeling items for the working day speak about how modern events have afflicted India’s global standing alongside with other policy challenges.

India has turn out to be overcome by the tidal wave of antipathy globally to the route it has taken below this governing administration, writes Aakar Patel

The outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic is neither unparalleled nor intractable.

Having said that, its genesis in China, and its transitive impact on global economic activity, portend important classes for economists, writes Rathin Roy

Cryptocurrencies are unstable and a absence of comprehension can lead to heavy losses for traders. But that is legitimate for most fiscal assets. Traders and buyers should master to stay with those pitfalls, argues our lead editorial

We need to have to glimpse at the overall ecosystem to minimise corporate frauds and not target on auditors, writes Ashok Mahindra


“Law making is the most sacrosanct work in a democracy. It is not finished by an imperial ruler or from the pulpit of a spiritual leader but by the associates of the folks and you are the enforcers of that regulation.”

Nationwide Protection Advisor Ajit Doval (when addressing police officers)