July 13, 2024

Paull Ank Ford

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Biblical Prophecy Becomes True As Trump Betrays Small Business Owners

“I see faith in your eyes,
Never you hear the discouraging lies…
I hear faith in your cries –
Broken is the promise – betrayal!
The healing hand held back by the deepened nail… Follow the god that failed” – Metallica

Did you ever think about how history tends to repeat itself?

It’s not a coincidence – it’s been like this since biblical times, and here’s proof –

In Judaism, the old testament is divided into weekly stories, or Parashot as they’re called in Hebrew.

A Jew goes to the synagogue every Sabbath and learns one of these weekly stories.

What’s most interesting is that apart from the moral lessons these weekly stories have about life, there’s always a mysterious (and divine, if you will) connection to be found to our lives today and the events we encounter.

I was just wondering about this the other day while reading some news about how Trump’s tax plan is punishing the exact crowd that brought him to office – the small business owners.

In biblical times it was the false prophets, the so-called prophets of false gods, used to tell the indulging people what they wanted to hear –

“Keep sinning as much as you’d like, God is pleased with you the way you are… we see only good things ahead… “

And many would love to hear that kind of talk (the real prophets would only talk about bad things to come and how God is furious and will punish them soon if they don’t repent)

And so the false prophets would enjoy celebrity-like popularity (that is until judgment day came around the corner… )

Does This Sound Familiar To You?

Well, it should, because that’s pretty much like today’s politicians – promising good things to their audiences only to disappoint and aggravate them after elected – enters Trump.

Only a few months ago none could withstand the sweet talking of the mighty (false) prophet, and lo and behold – betrayal:

Obamacare still inflicting pain on business owners looking to hire good employees…

Income taxes for small businesses will raise even more…

The national debt spinning out of control (along with the rest of the economy)…

How can a small business owner repent and save his mortal soul?

The answer to these hard times is not secksy, but is nevertheless achievable –

Creating a scientific-based marketing and sales system that overrides employee hiring costs and lack of motivation – outsourcing to competent freelancers.

But with all the online “gurus” (here come those false prophets again… ) what’s a small business owner to do? –

That’s exactly the main subject of my new book – see below how to get it free.