July 20, 2024

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Building Your Business Brand – Do You Have To?

Does your business have a brand? If your answer is no, we think you need to read this article. However, if your answer is yes, we think you need to read this article too.

Businesses don’t have brands, they are brands. A brand is an identity. A brand can be a company as a whole, or it can be a specific product or service, but they are all collectively termed brands. Here are some examples of well-known brands.

• Pepsi – it is a company, a product, and it is the brand.
• Apple – it is the name of the company, and one of the world’s strongest brands
• Jaffa Cakes – a biscuit made by McVities. Both the biscuit and the company are leading brands.
• Madonna – is a woman, and recording artist, and a brand
• The Beatles – a music group, a group of four men, a brand.

We’ve used these examples to highlight an important point about brands. They are not the names of companies, they do not necessarily represent a specific product or type of company and a brand is not just a name or a logo, or slogan.

Brands are all of these things. They are the collective recognition of an object or organization because of its level of notoriety, fame, public perception, desirability and reputation. The brand is always described by a word or title, or an image which could represent the company, person, object, product or service.

This may all sound very like a Marketing 101, but there is an important purpose to it. We see so many clients who have misunderstood the concept of a brand and as a result, have missed opportunities to build their own. In the context of your business, your brand is your business. It is what your business represents to its customers
through the products or services it sells. The size of your business is irrelevant, and it does not matter which industry you are part of. The important aspect is that you need to project an image to customers, and this image is your brand.

A good marketing agency will help you to build your brand in order to attract the right customers, keep customers and grow your business. This is done using a variety of techniques and tactics.

Content creation is used to give your brand a voice, and it is the way your brand communicates with its audience.

SEO is the method of increasing your brand’s visibility to its target audience so that potential customers looking for a similar brand will be attracted to yours.

Social media makes your brand accessible and gives it a personality. Engaging customers give brands the opportunity to get to know their customers, and vice versa.

Your website is your brand’s online head-quarters. It is where your brand shows itself in its best light, and it is where you give people the information about your brand so that they become customers.

Your logo is the graphical representation of everything your brand represents.

Building a brand reputation is a specialist area so if you have no experience of it then it is best to hire professionals to help you. Reputation management, internet marketing, SEO and PR are all ways to effectively build your brand recognition and increase your brand’s attractiveness to customers.

The goal is to build trust and connections. The whole purpose of business is to make money, you don’t need to apologize for this or hide it behind clever marketing. People understand the nature of business. We are all consumers. Your brand is how you make your business stand out against all the other businesses fighting for attention online. By working with the right internet marketing team, you will be able to build a strong, well respected brand that has a loyal following of customers and advocates. Isn’t that what very business wants?

So, to answer the question in the title of this article; Do you have to build your business brand? Yes, you do, because your business brand is your business, and you need to properly build your business, don’t you?

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