June 18, 2024

Paull Ank Ford

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Six Indispensable Benefits of In – Service Training for Your Business

In growing your business you may be looking in many directions for stimulus, ideas and pathways for development. But have you considered looking inward? If you have a small (SBE) to medium-sized company (SME), INSET or In-Service Training can provide for both immediate and long-term benefits for your company or business. Here are six indispensable benefits of in-service training you can start reaping now:

1. Quality Control

Quality is consistently providing a high-level of service or products. INSET allows your staff to know and help maintain quality standards in your company. Lack of knowledge and misunderstanding of procedures or a company’s quality standards and policy is a principal cause for lack of quality. Customers and clients may very well depend on consistency in your products or services as a basis for their own survival. If you start slipping, they’ll dump you fast to save themselves and their client base.

2. Standardization of Methodology

Standardization revolutionized the manufacturing industry and helped the North defeat the South during the American Civil War. Implementation of high-level standards, along with quality controls, turned Japan from a third-rate producer of cheap, poor quality goods into an economic super-power. INSET levels discrepancies in knowledge of company functions, methods and procedures. An added benefit may well be the stimulation of creative thinking in development of new or offshoot products and services further building the profitability of your company. The greater productivity and improved service afforded by standardization even allows the possibility of broaching new markets as suggested by “Six Essential Keys to Marketing Web Based Products and Services in Latin America” online at: http://ezinearticles.com/?id=74080

3. Builds Confidence

The fact that you value staff enough to provide in-service training helps to build the staff’s confidence in the business. INSET enables staff to perform better and grow in their capabilities. They feel better about their respective roles in the overall structure of the company, are more willing to contribute extra time, energy and personal resources into company projects. They’ll feel that as the company grows, so will they. Your staff helps to grow your business. Confident staff promote with confidence. Many key personnel desire greater facility in giving company-related presentations. Articles like “8 Tips for Giving Your First Presentation before A Live Audience” found online at:
http://ezinearticles.com/?id=74840 offer starting ideas on developing presentation skills.

4. Promotes Personal Development

For staff members who inherently want to grow INSET provides a knowledge and skills improvement path that promotes personal development. Staff members are encouraged to continually learn, grow professionally and develop their job skills. Often an initial INSET program spurs staff enrollment for advanced study in their field. One highly popular training area is in the use of internet tools for businesses. Take a look at the article “5 Essential Tools You Need for Marketing on the Internet” online at: http://ezinearticles.com/?id=76175 Let’s face it, better educated, more knowledgeable and capable staff are a boon to any business.

5. Attracts Better Staff

Word gets around. If your business is known for providing in-house training at little or no cost to employees, those outside the company, with skills you need and a professional mindset, will seek you out. Progressive professionals want growth and development to spur their advancement opportunities. A company with a solid series INSET programs will act as a magnet for much needed, quality personnel. If your programs are low cost or cost-free to employees, even better. You should promote your INSET programs as an employee benefit – which, in fact, they are – for both of you. INSET programs also help to distinguish your company and your staff as true professionals as referenced in “6 Key Ways to Distinguish Yourself as a Business Professional” Check them out at: http://ezinearticles.com/?id=79699

6. Reduce or Eliminate Turnover

“I do my job, put in my time and collect my pay” may be the attitude of some workers. It’s also an attitude common in a penitentiary. INSET programs tend to help weed out the “deadwood” since covertly there is expectation for staff development. Those not interested tend not to like the “pressure” and will soon leave for “quieter” pastures. Think about it: are you growing a business or raising sheep? And you’re not running a Cell Block either, are you? Let the deadwood go and wish them well. You definitely don’t need the hassles they’ll ultimately bring. Quality personnel, on the other hand, will tend to stick with your business as long as they feel a progressive development policy is being promoted. INSET offers a solid anchor for progressive-thinking, improvement-oriented staff.

In-Service Training is one aspect which separates growing, upwardly-mobile businesses from the trying-to-stay-afloat mentality companies. Clients too acknowledge and respect a product or service-provider that openly demonstrates the commitment to growth and improvement that INSET provides. Consider the essential skills your company needs developed in its staff. Set up a series of tightly-knit INSET programs to help transmit or improve those skills. Implement those programs, start reaping these six indispensable benefits and watch your business soar.