March 3, 2024

Paull Ank Ford

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The Internet As an Online Marketing Tool

The World Wide Web is a new dimension wherein businesses represented by their websites compete for online dominance and rankings in the major search engines. Many online marketing tools have surfaced and many consider utilizing new internet tools before others will provide them with a huge competitive advantage. But in reality, the traditional strategy of making use of a website is still the best approach, as the website is undoubtedly still the best online marketing tool for promotion in the internet.

The famous line “Build it and they will come” from the movie Field of dreams can be considered to be the slogan of all websites. All websites are built with the hope of helping make the owner’s dreams come true. In the case of businesses and entrepreneurs, that dream is to help the company make more sales and have its name known.

With the internet now playing a major role in the lives of most people, as it has become very visible in many different ways like in writing, advertisements, and casual conversation, many business owners see the internet as a must and indispensable component for business growth and expansion. Many business owners have found success by using the internet as an online marketing tool. The mother of internet affiliate marketing programs, is said to be the first and biggest online marketing success story, having thousands of associates and making huge volumes of sales by using the internet as a tool in its patented referral network. and are also enjoying much success with greatly increases sales and large income from web sales. Both these companies however, have admitted that they have expended significant amounts of time, money and effort to reach the pinnacle of internet marketing success where they are now.

The Web Market

The World Wide Web is a whole new market businesses can aim to conquer. The online universe is the biggest competitive market with a global reach. And all businesses, be it micro, home-based, and small businesses are very much interested into embarking into this huge market with exponential potentials. And a website is the business owner’s ticket towards entering the internet market despite the use of very limited resources.

The online community is humongous. Estimates state that there are currently around 80 million adults in the United States and Canada, and this number continues to grow. Traditional internet users were mostly adults, but this trend has started and continues to shift. Young, upper middle income males are no longer the only common web users. Diversification has been quick and comprehensive; people of different age gender, income, and ethnicity now make use of the internet.

It should not be forgotten that not all online-browsers make purchases. There are many who surf the internet for other reasons. Studies show that only 5 to 20 percent of browsers actually shop online, and this numbers are constantly decreasing, especially with the onslaught of the global financial crisis. It should also be noted that a huge portion of online purchases are of values not exceeding $80.

The increasing number of online browsers is still more than enough to offset the declining percentage of internet shoppers. Online sales are continuously increasing as internet access becomes easier and more available as well as will more and more people accepting the concept on shopping on the World Wide Web. The annual global sales potential of the web has already grown to billions of dollars. It is being foreseen that about one hundred Americans will be using the internet at around the end of the decade, and almost half of them will be doing their shopping online.

A website however, is not an all-encompassing guarantee to online success and increased sales. A website is a mere internet marketing tool available to the business owner. Oftentimes, synergy between various online marketing tools should be achieved to have a successful marketing and promotional campaign.

Sales should not be mistaken to be the only purpose of a website. A website’s potentials are huge. Marketing and lead development are just some of the many uses of a website.

Advantages of Website as an Online Marketing Tool
1. A growing audience
2. World-wide presence and access to buyers
3. Your micro, home-based, or small business looks like any other business
4. Possible low cost marketing

Disadvantages of a Website as an Internet Marketing Tool
1. Tremendous competition. As you can be found anywhere in the world, so can your competitors.
2. Getting site traffic and visitors. More than a million pages are added to the World Wide Web per day. Getting found in this labyrinth can be very difficult.
3. Continual need to refresh and update your site
4. Business operations need to change to handle web site business

Thorough understanding of your target consumers and market are vital in making the decision of whether or not to launch and maintain a website for your business. The primary consideration should be the significance of the impact a website will have on your customers and prospects. Feasibility should also be taken into account. You should determine if you have the resources and capabilities necessary to build, maintain and manage a competitive website – competitive not only in terms of attracting visitors but also competitive in selling your products and services. Generally, a website serves as the best online marketing tool when you want to sell to a geographically diverse audience.