April 15, 2024

Paull Ank Ford

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Tips For Saving Money On Airtel Prepaid Recharges

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Every month, a part of our monthly budget is reserved for mobile recharge, especially prepaid recharge. As an Airtel prepaid user, you have different options when it comes to recharging your number. The type of recharge that you opt for is based on your needs and requirements. However, with a few hacks, you can easily save money the next time your recharge your Airtel number. And it does not require that much of an effort either. So, here are a few tips on saving money on Airtel recharge plans:

Look for cashback offers

When you do your Airtel recharge online, you will notice that different modes of payment offer you different offers. If you opt for payment via credit card, some banks offer you cashback on the recharge of specific amounts. Similarly, if the payment is done using UPI, you get different cashback offers on your recharge. Even some wallets offer good cashback deals on your recharge. So, the next time you plan on recharging your Airtel prepaid number, keep an eye out for cashback deals.

Opt for long-term plans

Most prepaid users stick to the same recharge plan. Some stick with plans that offer good talktime, whereas some go for plans that offer a good amount of internet data. Instead of spending money on a monthly basis on these plans, you can go for the long-term prepaid plan. Long-term plans usually come with a duration of 90 days to 6 month and of up to 1 year. You get long-term talktime for calling that is valid up for the duration of the plan. In terms of internet data, you can either go for plans that offer data with daily renewal, or that offer data in bulk for long-term usage. You also get a good amount of SMS in these plans. 

Experiment with bundle packs

Bundle recharge packs are those that offer you various services along with the talktime and mobile data. These include subscriptions to OTT platforms and music streaming apps. Such plans help in saving money as the subscription to such platforms is free and included within the pack. So, you are not required to pay any extra amount to be able to access them. Different plans offer subscriptions of different platforms. Select the one that fits your requirement. 

Recharge using Airtel Payments Bank

If you are user of Airtel Payments Bank, you can easily recharge your Airtel prepaid number using your savings a/c. All types of Airtel recharge plans are available for you in the bank section. Be it data plans, talktime plans or top-up plans, you can easily recharge your number. When you opt to do Airtel online recharge via Airtel Payments Bank, you can avail different cashback and discount offers on your recharge. Also, you can select offers related to your prepaid number when you do Airtel bill payment for your postpaid number.

With these simple tips, you can ensure good savings on your next recharge and get more out of the plan that you select.