June 23, 2024

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What Is Short-Term Respite Care At Travancore Foundation, And Why Is It Famous For This?


Caring for a loved one may be a very rewarding experience. It is crucial to remember, however, that caregivers must also care for themselves in order to continue to be effective caregivers. 

Travancore Foundation, one of the greatest retirement homes in Kerala, emerges as a very effective organisation that not only looks after the residents but also the caregivers. Their respite care services are a key element of total care and are provided to residents together with the greatest services and features available. Read this blog to learn more about it.

What is Respite care?

Respite care is a word used by the paid old age homes to describe a short-time break for caretakers. It is a 24-hour duty for caregivers to care for and look after someone who is sick or disadvantaged. This is the most common occurrence in most nursing facilities and retirement communities. 

However, the structure is slightly different in Travancore Foundation. The members of this organisation understand that carers require a break from time to time to care for their own needs. This is when respite care might come in handy. These pauses might be as long or as short as the caretakers require. Respite care might be provided for a few hours, a day, several days, or several weeks. 

Travancore Foundation offers short-term and respite care services in retirement homes in Kerala, to enable carers time to relax and rejuvenate so that they may return to their caring tasks rejuvenated. No matter whether you need assistance for a few hours or a week, this organisation can handle it all. Allowing time for the caregiver to rest their body, mind, and spirit can assist minimise family stress and promoting family stability. In the same manner, the carers stay healthy and deliver better services at the end of the day. This allows residents to receive the excellent services and accommodations they seek!

What are the different forms of respite care?

Short Term Care

Short-term care can last from a few days to many months and is meant to assist someone in recovering from surgery, hospitalisation, accident, or disease. This form of care is typically given in retirement communities or opulent paid old age homes and may involve both skilled and unskilled care. 

You might be wondering what unskilled care is. It simply refers to assisting residents of organisations with daily living activities and basic domestic responsibilities such as eating meals, taking medications, and bathing. Dressing wounds, monitoring a patient’s vital signs, and giving physical or speech therapy are all examples of skilled care. Travancore Foundation specialises in each of these categories, making it a very appealing option for all seniors. 

The wonderful thing about the Travancore Foundation’s services is that they understand that not just seniors require short-term care; anybody who has been gravely injured in an accident, for example, may benefit from short-term home care. Short-term care is ideal for regaining independence and function following a fall, small stroke, cardiac event, major sickness, or surgery.

Long-term Care

Long-term care is primarily designed for elders with progressive or chronic health conditions that need continuing care or support. Long-term care may be required for illnesses such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease, or following a stroke. Some patients are eventually able to cease long-term care, but for many, it is required for the rest of their lives. 

In many circumstances, individuals needing long-term care will have increasing demands as their health worsens, or they may never be able to live independently again. Long-term care can be skilled or unskilled, however, it is more likely to include expert care to treat a chronic or progressive ailment.

What are the various features in short-term respite care that the Travancore Foundation specialises in?

Travancore Foundation provides respite care services with the help of top professionals and talented caregivers who have been trained to provide quality respite care to everyone who visits their community. If you have a senior in your family and are concerned about his or her care, the Travancore Foundation is an excellent option. With a qualified support staff caring about your loved one while you is away, you can have complete peace of mind. Your loved ones will be in wonderful care, whether for a day or a week. 

Travancore Foundation ensures that seniors remain active in their life through respite care services. They seldom see a few faces, so respite care is ideal for creating relationships for them. It’s also a wonderful technique to rekindle their enthusiasm for communicating with others and participating in social activities. In short, the seniors receive a glimpse of the outside world every day.

The Travancore Foundation has created a comprehensive package for the seniors in the respite services programme. They understand what the seniors require to be satisfied and happy during their retirement years. As a result, they have ensured that all facilities are available to them at a reasonable rate. The services include the following:

● Staffing is available for all needs and urgencies

● Personal emergency response systems

● Three nutritious meals every day, plus snacks

● Areas for socialisation and activities in common

● Access to the campus’s luxury infrastructure

● Private apartment units with their own bathrooms

● Events and seminars are planned.

● Weekly cleaning and washing by the staff

● In an emergency, transportation help is provided.


Travancore Foundation believes in assisting elders in living comfortably and safely. They give senior home care in Kottayam that is intended to provide short-term non-medical or medical care programmes that allow your loved ones to maintain their dignity. There are several organisations offering respite care services these days, but Travancore outperforms them all. 

With professionalism and dedication, it has shown to be the best undoubtedly. Not only that, but they are always attempting to improve their services based on feedback and demands of the seniors with the passing days. So, check out the list of paid old age homes in Kerala and enjoy the best out of your remaining senior years.