June 18, 2024

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Amazing Facts About Diamond Pendants in Arlington

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Diamond pendants can add elegance to your fashion, especially on special occasions. Diamond pendants in Arlington are offered by jewelers who know what you are looking for. Before you shop it is wise to know more about diamond pendants. This can serve as your guide once you start shopping. Diamond pendants are pricey so better equip yourself with the knowledge needed before you buy one. 

Which diamond is best for the pendant in Arlington?

There are several kinds of the diamond pendant to choose from. 

To make it easier for you don’t just settle in what can be seen by your naked eye. Here are some factors you need to consider:

4cs of Diamonds Pendant 

Diamonds are graded by the 4cs and they are as follows:

  • Color

The most popularly known diamonds are the colorless ones. The more colorless the better, however, the top color grade of the diamond which is colorless is rare and pricey, therefore grades F to G is recommended since it is the closest alternative to colorless diamonds. They can still prove the fire and brilliance of diamond pendants. 

  • Clarity 

The clarity affects the durability and sparkle of diamonds. The best clarity grade would be flawless diamonds, however like colorless diamonds they are rare and expensive. Therefore S1 or I1 can be a good replacement for flawless diamonds. They are still good since they have lesser inclusions just make sure to ask your jeweler to pick the ones that have lesser inclusions outside. 

  • Carats

For the carats of diamonds, choose one that has more sparkle instead of focusing on the size. Take note that diamonds are priced per carat so better choose the right one. 0.25 to 1 carat is the ideal one for a diamond pendant. 

  • Cut 

Round cuts are the best since they are the ones that can give the best sparkle, however, you can ask your jeweler what other shapes are recommended, or you can still pick the shape you want and ask for a recommendation on the string to enhance the diamond on your pendant. 


Apart from the appearance, the durability of the diamond pendant matters. It will be better if you can keep your pendant for a long time. It will be better if you can invest in a good setting and diamond to secure and protect your pendant from easily getting damaged. 

Are diamond pendants worth it?

It depends on the quality of the diamond you buy. If you invest in the highest grades that you can get for a diamond pendant then it will be worth it. Some may also find their diamond worth it if they are satisfied with the shape and the setting they got. The width of the diamond pendant can depend on the satisfaction of the wearer or if they consider it an investment. 

How To Know If Your Diamond Pendant is real?

Diamonds can easily be determined if they are fake or not by checking in tier certification. However, in situations where you are not provided with certifications since you received the diamond pendant as a gift or for other reasons you can check the diamond in simple ways as follows:

Fog Test

Hold your diamond pendant near your mouth and fog it with your breath, if the fog disappears fast then your diamond pendant is real. But if the fog takes several seconds before it disappears then your diamond pendant might not be authentic. 

Check on the Setting 

If the metals used are ones that are pricey and durable then your diamond pendant would probably be a real diamond. Diamond pendants are mounted on something pricey too since they need to be protected and secured, putting them on cheap metals can decrease the value of the diamond.

Heat Test 

If you are willing to test the authenticity of your diamond despite getting a broken piece at the end then try the heat test. Fill a glass with cold water. Take your diamond pendant and using a lighter put it under fire for 40 seconds then suddenly drop it into the glass of water. If it breaks then it’s not a diamond, but stays whole then congratulations! Your diamond is real. 

Hope these amazing facts about diamond pendants in Arlington can help you pick the best diamond pendant you can see in the diamond stores in Arlington.