March 3, 2024

Paull Ank Ford

Business Think different

Become a Multi-Level Marketing Expert and Build Your Network Marketing Business Online

If you are building your Multi-level Marketing organisation with the traditional word-of-mouth methods then you will know that there are 2 key advantages to building on your knowledge base. Firstly, it is essential that you show a good level of understanding of Multi-level Marketing when communicating with potential business partners and secondly, it helps to support your personal decision to become involved in the industry. However, is it essential to have a good level of knowledge of Network Marketing to grow your organisation online?

The answer to this question is with out a doubt, yes! Whether you are building your business off-line, or online you will still need to position yourself as an expert in your potential business partner’s eyes and that will only be the case if you have an impressive level of understanding and knowledge.

Your objective as an independent rep is to consolidate and share information, regardless of the approaches that you choose to adopt. An impressive level of knowledge will enable you to build trust with your audience, who are usually likely to follow you if they know you, like you and trust you. This is the same both off-line and on-line!

The prospecting processes off-line and on-line are incredibly alike as well. You build your list of prospects (friends and family, or opt-in leads), you approach your leads (telephone call, or introductory emails), you give relevant information and you follow up with your prospects.

The major difference online is that your leads choose to be your leads because they are actually interested in what you have to show them. They decide when to read the information that you have emailed to them and your pre-loaded messages continue to be received, drip feeding information, as many times as is necessary!

The reason we are usually told to call our warm markets at first is because these are people who already know us and hopefully like and trust us too! Therefore, a proportion of the hard work is already done. Online you don’t generally have this luxury, so you have to do the groundwork along the way by showing value.

Today in Multi-level Marketing it is important to have an understanding of growing your organisation online, but also using the traditional Multi-level Marketing techniques, as you are likely to have downline [partners who prefer different techniques. It is your responsibility as a coach (or future coach) to understand both approaches, to be of the best value to your downline. You are still entitled to have your own preferences, but try not to limit yourself, as otherwise you limit your value to your downline!