July 20, 2024

Paull Ank Ford

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Building Depth in Your Network Marketing Business

Building Depth in Your Network Marketing Business

To succeed in any network marketing business opportunity, you will need to be able to build a big organisation of downlines who are able to teach their downlines who teach their downlines to succeed. In order to be effective and maximise your commissions, you need to understand the compensation plan of your network marketing business well.

There are various compensation plans in the market. Even if you were previously in a network marketing home business, it does not necessarily mean that you will succeed in your current network marketing business by building your organisation the same way. Your efforts will pay off if you study and understand the compensation plan before starting to build your organisation and place your downlines. 

Even if you do not like numbers, accounts or mathematics, it will do you good to learn how to effectively maximise your commissions in terms of building your organisation. Failure to do so may cost you thousands of dollars in lost commissions in terms of building your organisation. Failure to do so may cost you thousands of dollars in lost commissions and this is something you definitely want to avoid. 

In any network marketing organisation, to succeed by leveraging on your organisation ultimately in terms of time and effort, you will need to build width as well as depth. 

Building width is basically placing those personally sponsored directly below you. These people will generally be from your warm market, either family, friends or relatives. You will need to spend time training these downlines to do what you are doing so that they too can succeed. Due to this, it is not practical for you to have too much width as you will not be able to take care of so many people at any one time.

Imagine if you have personally sponsored five downlines. If you are currently holding a full-time job, you will effectively only be able to give each of your personally sponsored downline one night per week to coach, guide and train them. As they are very new to the business, they have lots to learn before they can stand on their own two feet. Meanwhile, they will require your assistance especially so when they have their prospects.

Spreading yourself too wide will cause you to neglect your downlines as you will not be able to effectively help each and every one of them. This will cause a higher dropout rate because when people do not see any success in recruiting new downlines or any money coming in, they will tend to leave the business organisation as quickly as when they joined.

Building depth is very important for the success of your network marketing business. If you are able to build depth, this means that your organisation is very deep rooted and most of the downlines in your organisation are independent and strong, able to duplicate your success.

Targeting the right person to join your business is also important. If you get someone who is a follower and not ready to lead his or her own team, you will need to spend a lot of time and effort with this person. However if you find someone who is highly motivated and has the gung-ho to go all out to achieve his or her dreams and desires, this downline will be like an eagle, ready to soar. All you need to do is coach this person and he or she will easily duplicate what you do.

Training your downlines to sign up their new prospect is important. Training your downlines to help his or her downlines to sign up their new prospects is even more important. Once this system of teaching your downlines to teach their downlines to teach their downlines is in place, your organisation will have more leaders being groomed and your downlines will be independent. Building depth is the basis to success in any network marketing business.