May 26, 2024

Paull Ank Ford

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Essential Office Equipment for Your Business

If you own a small business or office then you may be familiar with how quickly technology moves on; often you can purchase an item for your office only for a new version of it to come out almost straight away. Unfortunately this is just one of the side effects of our modern world but it can make equipping your office all the more difficult, especially if you are equipping your office on a budget. One of the most important items you will need to purchase for your office, and one that doesn’t need to be updated every couple of years, is that of a document destruction machine. The rise in the number of residential paper shredding machines that have been designed means there is a huge range of machines for document destruction that are available to suit even the most modest budget. You may find, once you have purchased your machine, that is quickly becomes one of the most valuable and often used items in your office. A large number of businesses are slowly beginning the task of scanning in paperwork that would ordinarily be stored for a number of years. This can greatly help businesses to reduce the amount of space that they need for filing cabinets and other large paper storage areas and utilize this new space for other work. Doing this however means that businesses need to dispose of this paperwork in the correct manner. As lots of this paperwork will contain personal information about themselves and their clients, many are using document destruction machines to dispose of files in a secure manner. This helps to avoid a business being held responsible should any of the information they hold about their clients gets stolen; this could be very costly. Make a move before it’s too late.

The Facts About Identity Theft

We all dread ever coming home to discover that our car has been stolen, or that our house has been broken into, but many people do not realise that one of the biggest threats to their everyday security is actually from identity thieves. Identity thieves are people who target businesses or individuals with the intention of stealing personal information from that business or individual and attempting to obtain further credit in their name. Identity theft has been known about for a number of years but the last decade has seen a real rise in the number of incidents being reported to police. Due to this more people are addressing their residential paper shredding needs and trying to be more vigilant when it comes to disposing of personal information.Identity thieves are very resourceful when it comes to finding new ways to get the information that they need, but when document destruction is carried out by people eager to protect their property and credit history it makes the job of an identity thief much harder.

Once the paper has been shredded it is visually impossible for the pieces to be reattached which means that thieves are unable to get the personal information about you that they need in order to apply for credit. Once a person has been targeted by identity thieves they may not even realise that they have for a number of months and by the time they do it could be too late; often by this time thousands of pounds of credit has been obtained fraudulently in their name and it can severely affect their credit rating. By ensuring you are careful now it could help to protect you and keep your details away from the hands of criminals.