July 13, 2024

Paull Ank Ford

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Exploiting Four Common Flaws of Novice CFD Traders

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During the learning period, traders make several types of mistakes and they learn from these. But, some of the traders can’t learn from their errors and repeat these. As a result, they lose huge money. For this, being a trader, you need to check your trading actions to see what your fault is. Because of the ego, some newcomers deny their flaws and make a debate on this topic. By doing this, they waste their valuable time. You can deny your mistakes repeatedly, but the real truth will reveal.

Many novice traders do not understand their flaws and make more mistakes. That’s why, as a trader, try to find out your flaws so that you can stop yourself from doing these errors again. Some of the common flaws are given here.

Taking high risk

Some newbies think, if they take more risks, they will make more money. So, they take high risks and thus lose money. They make this error because they have weak risk management skills. That’s why they need to develop strong risk management skills so that they can easily identify how much risk they should take in a specific situation. You have seen, professionals invest more money in the particular trade because they know they will get good rewards. As a newbie, if you also face similar types of situations, you can take high risks. But, you must remember, the condition can be changed. So, you have to prepare for this. To manage the risk and deal with the uncertainty, you need to use the SL price level which will save you from losing a big amount of money.

Taking emotional actions

Emotional actions are not good for getting the victory in Forex. Because of this, many pro traders also face the intolerable situation. If you are a new participant in Forex, firstly you need to find out your emotional factors which can cause the problem. After finding out, you must learn to handle these. You might see, mostly, the emotional factors interrupt the time of making an important trading decision. As a result, traders make wrong decisions and thus suffer a lot. Always try to analyze the technical data using the best CFD trading platforms. Never take decision with emotions as it make things worse.

So, if you want to become a good trader, you have to solve your emotional issues. Various types of traders deal with their emotions in various ways. For example, some traders go for a family trip to refresh the mind, some of them take rest for a weak or more than that. Many people prefer meditation to keep their minds stable. Being a new participant, you can follow these ways or you can follow your own ways.

Avoid backtesting

Backtesting is important to implement the plan properly. But, many novice traders avoid this process and implement their plan in the real market directly. That’s why they can’t use the plan properly and face troubles. If you do not face this problem, being a trader, you need to do the backtesting. Without backtesting, you can’t be sure, if the strategy is appropriate for the present condition of the market.

Having no sound knowledge

A myth is spread all over the world about Forex, traders can easily trade here without gaining knowledge. But, it’s not true. Without gaining sound knowledge, you can’t recognize the pattern of the market. So, you must acquire knowledge about the market to trade smoothly. You have to know about the pips, risk-reward ratio, broker, and so on. Remember, if you have no detailed idea about the market factors, it would not be easy for you to trade profitably.

To become the master of trading, you should stop doing these mistakes again. By doing this, you might get a good result from your trading. Otherwise, you might not be a successful trader in Forex industry.