June 18, 2024

Paull Ank Ford

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Facilities Offered By VoIP International Calling Services

Most of us are already familiar with the convenience and benefits of Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP technology. Businesses have been able to slash their exorbitant international call charges using the facilities being offered by VoIP international calling services. However, apart from cutting down on your phone bills, VoIP international calling service providers also offer a bevy of other amazing features that can act as effective business tools. When you are switching to VoIP, make sure you select the right VoIP features because apart from enhancing your business, they will also help create a more professional image for your organization.

VoIP International Calling Services: VoIP Features to Look For

Here are some of the most important VoIP features being offered by VoIP international calling service providers.

* Auto Attendant: This feature is an extension of Voice Mail and is often a basic feature of high end VoIP phones. The auto attendant feature allows you to play pre recorded messages or music while customers are on hold. It makes use of a ‘voice mail tree’, which supports directories by extension, employee or department. The auto attendant software can also answer calls and then route them, based on the caller’s requirements.

* Find Me, Follow Me: This feature enables the employees of an organization to move about freely (within the organization as well as outside it) while still receiving calls, as if they were sitting in their office. Employees working from home, executives on the road or in hotels, technicians at the job site can remain connected and get all their calls irrespective of where they are. You can even program the system such that when a particular employee gets a call, first his desk phone rings, then his cell phone rings and then his home phone rings, until the system connects the employee to the call. The employee can even choose to define a number for the location he will be at, so that the system can route all his calls to that number. This provides employees with a lot of flexibility while simultaneously decreasing the chances of customers talking to voice mail instead of the employee they want to talk to.

* Conference: Any good VoIP service provider will offer VoIP systems that support audio (maybe even video) conferencing. High fidelity wideband VoIP phones feature conferencing facilities that allow multiple persons to participate in a VoIP enabled conversation from different locations. You can also increase the functionality of the conference by integrating other applications that allow members to exchange files, share presentations, synchronize calendars or even view each other’s desktops.