July 13, 2024

Paull Ank Ford

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How to Make Cake Decorating Supplies, Eggs, Milk and Sugar, Into a POWERFUL Cake Design Business

How to Make Cake Decorating Supplies, Eggs, Milk and Sugar, Into a POWERFUL Cake Design Business

How would you like to make a very lucrative living, working from home, creating Cakes to DIE for? How about a Professional Cake Design Business? Enter the Cake Decorator – yes, YOU! Think about this. How many special occasions can you think of that just might require a very SPECIAL kind of Cake? – answer, HUNDREDS! Weddings, 18th & 21st Birthdays etc are just a few.

Now, people don’t just want any old Supermarket, mass produced pile of STODGE at that EVENT.., NO SIREE, they want a beautiful piece of carefully sculptured sugar sweet HEAVEN… Cake designs are getting more & more creative all the time, Three-dimensional designs are in vogue right now, resulting in cakes that can look like pillows, animals, handbags, telephones, or whatever you can dream up. Contemporary cake towers are being created, that rise up many feet in the air, that lean every which way, stabilized by mysterious forces, known only to the cake decorator. There are no LIMITS! You can produce the most amazingly DYNAMIC designs that will set you apart from the normal run of the mill cake designers, just with a little practice.

There are literally hundreds of books & courses available, both in bookshops and on the Internet on how to do this.. Don’t just think – Eggs, Milk & Sugar… Think Pounds, Dollars & Sense!… This could be one big Gooey bucket of PROFIT, we are looking at here.

People are looking for custom, creative cakes. They are willing to pay premium prices to get them too. The average amount spent on a wedding has nearly doubled in the last 20 years, and the average cost of a wedding cake is £200 – £250 in the UK and about $550 in the United States, according to the Bridal Association of America.

Prices of artisan cakes for special occasions range from $3 to $10 or even more per slice, depending on how complex the design is. Think about it… at a wedding – apart from the Bride, usually the number 1 focal point is “THE CAKE”… How many people are going to be at that wedding thinking.. Hmm, I would like a cake, like that – “Where did you get it?”

Cakes ALMOST sell themselves – don’t they?

Now you can be your own Boss, making cakes, which make people HAPPY! In your own Cake Decorating Business, you no longer have to take orders from anyone, other than your many customers, of course! You can choose to specialize in anything from wedding cakes, to children’s birthday cakes, to cupcakes, to cakes shaped like fantasy castles… whatever, you most enjoy designing. You can start small, from the kitchen table – create your own cakes, take some very good pictures – create a website and display your artistic talents to the world.

You can easily use Social networking sites like Facebook, to not only find local customers for your cakes, through Facebook Marketplace, etc but also to discuss your cake making skills by creating your own Group and Fan page on Facebook. This will give you TONS of ideas, people will tell YOU what they love, then you go CREATE them.. It’s like anything in life – once you awaken those creative juices and you are a little bit good at what you do – everyone wants a piece of the pie, (forgive the pun). I was going to say it was a “piece of cake” but I thought better of it!!

You can then have another micro niche (side door) to add to your cake design niche. Telling other people how to do the same! You will soon be asked to pass on tips & advice. this can lead to you creating courses on how to become a successful cake decorator. And so it rolls on and on, before long – you will be showing how incredibly easy it all is – on video.

This is a business which can be started literally on a shoestring, from home with a little bit of self tuition from books, some ingredients and a little bit of PASSION.. In a few short months, you could be cooking up (sorry!) a very lucrative Business. Of course, you may just want to earn some extra CASH.. Which ever way you see it, this can be very rewarding and above all – Great FUN.