June 18, 2024

Paull Ank Ford

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Lenovo Data Center Group: India MD of Lenovo Data Center Group sticks to business casual outfits even while WFH

Vivek Sharma, India MD of Lenovo Data Center Group, on how he’s sticking to business casual outfits even while working from home.

WFH wear

“Ever since the lockdown began, I told myself that I wouldn’t move away from my daily routine, even when working from home. I have been following this approach in terms of my outfits as well.

“My lockdown outfit is mostly business casual, similar to our office casual dress code. I typically wear a collared T-shirt or shirt. If I have to step into a webinar or client meeting, I put on a jacket to give it a more formal touch.”

What I wear for…

Strategy meetings with my team
“Our team meetings used to be in business casuals and I’m doing the same now. The only thing that has changed is that now I wear shorts more often than my jeans or trousers.”

A pitch/networking call

“My attire would be more formal, like a shirt paired with trousers and a jacket.”

Drinks with friends on video chat

“I prefer a casual T-shirt and shorts. I also have two cats and one of them is quite social. She often hops on my desk and joins me as I chat with my friends.”

Favourite loungewear brands

“I am not a shopaholic, but I am obsessed with comfortable loungewear, more so since the lockdown. When it comes to the most comfortable loungewear brands, I cannot think of anything other than Marks & Spencer and Calvin Klein.”

What I miss wearing the most…

“I have a big collection of shoes that I miss wearing.”

Pandemic fashion

“Even though masks have become the new fancy thing in terms of styling, I like to keep it simple. I mostly prefer generic or homemade masks.”.

Lockdown Fitness Challenge

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