June 18, 2024

Paull Ank Ford

Business Think different

MLM Team Building – Six Components to Converting Prospects Into Business Partners

Although network marketers like to think otherwise, this industry is a sales business and are the product. Yes, we’re selling our opportunities or product, but truly, network marketing entails branding yourself more than anything else. Building trust is a critical element as we develop relationships with our prospects. When this factor is absent, so is our team and so is our residual income. People buy and join with those they trust and when their needs matches your offer, not before.

So what specifically must we do to convert our prospects into team members or customers? Well it first starts with a casual conversation. We are expected to start valuable discussions because essentially, that’s what leaders do. Outlined are six steps to get you on the best track for team building success!

1) Create awareness
What you’re not aware of, you can’t experience. You have to find marketing strategies that fits you in “getting the word out” about your business. Strategies range from social networking (Facebook, LinkedIn, Better Networker), to content sharing (blog, article writing), to media sharing (YouTube). These outlets allows you to inform the world on what it is you have that is life-changing. There are training and marketing systems available that educates you on how to use these means effectively.

2) Provide value and solutions while showcasing your knowledge for FREE
People have to trust that you are not all about the dollar! Ask yourself, “what is it that I can give away at no cost?” What tools or trainings do you have to share? Here is where you are creating value, thus drawing people to you (or attraction marketing). Examples include providing solutions to common online marketing problems on your blog or video. Be creative! As you being to employ your strategy, you position yourself as the expert. You are encouraging your prospects to join your list. When they are ready to take action, you’ll be the one they go to!

3) Continue to give value but now its time to offer something that will cost your prospect money
Now, if we are only giving out free stuff, how will we make our desired income? If you are only attracting the free prospect, you will not make money in this industry. In addition to, your prospects know that the better information (or product) comes with a price tag. Here we want to offer a low-cost item. The emails in your funnel system (or autoresponder) should be information with a call for action. They should all ball down to offering to buy something.

4) Over-deliver on the low cost purchase by inviting them to something special
Ask yourself, “am I doing everything I can to keep them?” Think of innovative ways to add to your item that is being sold. Examples include inviting them on a private team call or Skype chat, offering a bonus product, anything valuable. This keeps your customer/team member connected to you and creates a sense of community. Icing on the cake, you’re continuing to build your friendship.

5) Offer your customer a higher priced item, something that they know is right for them
This is the only time you offer your new customer the flagship product or your opportunity. After you’ve completed Steps 1-4, they should feel comfortable in their decision and pretty much close themselves. During the prior steps, you are grooming your prospects, consequently, picking higher quality. Also, your performance shows that you are a worthy leader, so no begging allowed! Do not go overboard on facts, features, etc. Leave that to your third party system (website, orientation call). You should share your business and discuss the benefits of working with you!

6) Rinse and repeat
Evaluation time! What was effective and what was not? What could have been done differently for improved results? Asking yourself these business-reflecting questions daily keeps your creative juices flowing and constantly pondering on ways to bring value to your system. This decreases complacency and stagnation. Great moment to review your goals and visions, ensuring you are on track.

Take action now in your prospecting and patiently see how your business explodes. Happy Team Building!