March 3, 2024

Paull Ank Ford

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Multiple Streams Of Income In Network Marketing

You know, most people who start a network marketing business want to make money as they build their business. That’s a given, right?

Unfortunately, they count on the upfront income they get from product sales or signup bonuses from new recruits to keep them in the game.

What if there was a way for you, as a networker to be able to actually earn multiple streams of income while building your business that won’t take time away from your business building efforts?

What if you could be making different forms of passive income WHILE you generate high quality leads for yourself, AND free up more time for your primary network marketing business?

Well, you CAN do this!

Many, many people including myself are doing this right now and actually are able to sponsor even more people into our businesses than before and profit the entire time while building up your primary business, AND earn those multiple streams of income passively!

Before jumping right in to how you do this, I want to make you aware of something that can help you towards this goal that can lead you to the HOW of how to truly make multiple streams of income while building your mlm business:

You see, most of the time, it is out of incorrect education or misinformation that is given to new recruits or passed down from uplines that generates these untruths about what is effective in marketing in network marketing.

Because of these fallacies, network marketers are finding it very difficult to build a successful business.

These lies put a hold or even a stop to one’s business!

They render the network marketer ineffective at all levels and hinder true, leveraged business building from ever happening.

Once you understand the lies, you can learn the truth and position yourself in the top 5% of all network marketers.

If you are looking for motivation and hype to help you build your business; you’re wasting your time!

If you want to learn the ridiculous lies that are being fed to you (and the people you are recruiting) and you want honest answers about EFFECTIVE ways to build your network marketing business, then get educated on what actually works and what produces the results you are after.

Who cares if you need to get outside education or training other than from your company or sponsor.

We must all take responsibility for our own actions, and educate ourselves so we don’t fall prey to the
untruths running rampant out there.

Think about this:

The majority of networkers are NOT successful, so why would you want to build your business using the same techniques the masses are using?

If you want different results, you must perform different actions.

Get educated on true target marketing, and you can begin to put the ‘Marketing’ back into Network Marketing.