June 18, 2024

Paull Ank Ford

Business Think different

Stationery A State of Things

Since the day paper was invented and ink pen came into the picture stationery has silently crept into our system, though not as dominantly as the mobile phones it is there anyway. Some of the items are ubiquitous and so commonly used in our everyday lives. Though technology and innovation have advanced changing the look and performance of the products the core functions remain the same.

The digital age has come to dominate our lives but in spite we cannot get rid of the common objects of communication like the pen, pencil, ink pads, ink ribbons for typewriter and letter pads.

The notebooks or exercise books, writing pads are all very much part of our lives. In fact the line has increased tremendously and now we have memo books, markers, colored pens, propelling pencils, ink cartridges, highlighters and more keeping coming.

The stationery halls, small shops online sites are all holding well. The industry is robust and sound with business prospects gleaming thanks to premium product lines that technology brings in every year.

Paradoxically mobile accessories constitute items sold in the stationery shops and hence they are part of it. Though both play an important role in communication the technology product has not been able to completely dominate the product line. In the contemporary era communication comes through diverse medium thus retaining the age old practices of writing letters and using the snail mail.

This simply means stationery has survived since ages from the day of its evolution, and continues to strive. The product line has become pervasive in our lives creating a cohesive bond like never before. As a matter of fact the stationery items are not only business products that aid in all peripheral activities they have become very much a part and parcel of our private lives as well.

The design and development has been at the forefront of the survival of the products globally. While accessories add on to the product line innovative designs accord a fresh look and increase utility. This helps fight severe competition from the digital products that offer an alternative to standard means of communication we have been using all our lives before digitization.

Stationery is business, and an important part of strategy that all corporates, small or big businesses must evolve. Smart purchasing and rational usage are the key to making your finances robust especially where the product line dominates on the core functions.