April 16, 2024

Paull Ank Ford

Business Think different

The Best Time Management Tips for Catering Business Owners

While mapping out your goals and your day is good, it is also good to be flexible. Life seldom accommodates a perfect schedule, and when you try to fit into one, you will only stress yourself out.

Stress does not help you get more done; on the contrary, it hampers your productivity. In some cases, the best approach is to accept that certain tasks won’t be completed on schedule. You can do this and still stay focused on your important objectives. What it does mean is that you don’t have to panic if something you planned to do in the morning has to be put off until the afternoon. Do what you can and move on. If you are too much of a control freak, you will only drive yourself (and others) crazy!

Each day, start by thinking about your goals for the next 8 hours and write them down. Once you have them all written down prioritize them. All of your high priority items go up top and the low ones down below. You can now use this organized list as a “to do” list. There is no better feeling than crossing items off one by one. These lists will save you the time and frustration of wondering what you should do next, instead you can ask what’s next on the list.

Anyone knowledgeable about time management will tell you that, to be truly productive, you must learn how to delegate. People who try to do everything themselves seldom get very much done. The trick of delegating is to find others who can do the smaller, less important tasks for you. Then you can devote more time to your true objectives. It’s hard to focus on the big picture if you’re constantly dealing with tiny details. Delegation is something that many people have difficulty with. You will just have to learn to get over this.

Figuring out good time management skills for a catering business owner can be hard to do at first. The more work you put into your time management skills the quicker you will see how focuse and on task your days are. Before too long you could be as good or better than the most organized person in your office. It is good to have goals. Just don’t get carried away. Leave time for fun in your life. It is important to remember that your body and your mind both need to relax from time to time!