October 2, 2023

Paull Ank Ford

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Tips To Never Miss Doing Your FASTag Recharge

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Almost everyone these days uses FASTag to pay at the Toll Plazas. Now that the covid-induced lockdown is long gone, people are finally starting to step out of their houses. In fact, you can see many people going travelling lately, making it imperative to do your FASTag recharge on time to avoid paying double the toll charges.

However, there’s a high chance that due to your busy schedule, you might miss out on doing your FASTag recharge online and end up paying double the toll charges. Here are a few tips to avoid doing that:

  • Keep Regular Reminders On Your Phone

If you do something in a periodic manner, there’s a high chance you won’t forget to do it. For example, if you make it a habit to do your FASTag recharge on the 5th of every month, there’s is very less possibility of you forgetting to do it.

Moreover, you can keep a simple reminder on your phone with a message prompting you to do your FASTag recharge. That way, you don’t miss out on recharging your FASTag account.

  • Get Regular App Notifications

If you do your FASTag recharges via a payment platform like the Airtel Thanks app or the Airtel Payments Bank website, you can easily get reminders in the form of notifications from these apps. And no, you don’t have to be an Airtel FASTag user to be able to do your FASTag recharge from their app or website. All FASTag accounts can be recharged here.

All you need to do is, link your FASTag account to the Airtel Wallet. Then just recharge your Airtel Wallet from time to time via Netbanking, Debit/Credit cards, UPI etc. Now, your FASTag will never go low on balance.

In fact, not just FASTag recharges, you can also do your electricity bill payment, water bill payment, DTH recharges, and much more via Airtel Payments Bank and the Airtel Thanks app. Moreover, you can also avail amazing discounts and cashback offers while doing your FASTag recharge.

  • Recharge Close To The Monthly Limit

There’s a monthly cap on your FASTag prepaid wallet. This depends on whether you’re a limited KYC FASTag account holder or a full KYC FASTag account holder. People with limited KYC cannot have more than ₹20,000 in their FASTag prepaid wallet. Even their monthly reload limit is capped at ₹20,000.

Meanwhile, the upper limit for full KYC FASTag account holders is ₹1 Lakh for their FASTag prepaid wallet balance. However, there’s no monthly reload cap in this account.

  • Link FASTag With Your Bank Account

Our last tip for today is to link your FASTag account to one of your bank accounts. When you do this, you don’t have to worry about FASTag recharges at all. All you have to do is, ensure that your bank account always has sufficient balance for toll payments apart from your mandatory monthly minimum balance.

This means no more hassle of recharging your FASTag account or payments wallets. Every time you cross a road, the toll will be directly ut from your bank account.

Now, start using these tips and never miss out on a FASTag recharge.