December 2, 2022

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How do you develop a popular foreseeable future from a legacy of conflict? Perseverance goes a extended way, as the heritage of the EU exhibits – but creating bridges is not easy. EU-funded researchers are analysing collective recollections of earlier strife that however affects local community relations currently, in a bid to assistance advance European integration.


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The EU-funded REPAST challenge is discovering how societies deal with the extended shadow of earlier conflicts, in a bid to produce insights and give tips for policymakers and civil culture. Situation scientific tests are being performed in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Kosovo, Ireland, Poland and Spain.

‘We want to comprehend what aspects of many tricky legacies live on in a problematic vogue currently and build obstructions to the integration and relations of the many populations in Europe,’ states challenge coordinator Dimitra Milioni of the Cyprus University of Technological know-how. ‘To do so, we are investigating how conflict discourses are being formulated and disseminated in the community sphere.’

As of March 2020, the project’s huge facts-collection workout has been done, and the researchers have started to course of action the comprehensive material they have gathered. The leads to and characteristics of specific conflicts may possibly differ, but the researchers however expect to find commonalities in the dealing with of painful and probably contested collective recollections, Milioni clarifies.

Illuminating heritage

‘Our target is to arrive at some kind of typology of troubled earlier discourses currently,’ she states. ‘We’re analysing how men and women in many cultures and nations came to recall the sources of these conflicts and how they negotiate and ideally renegotiate the preliminary triggers. And we also want to see how all this is related to Europe currently, and European integration.’

Northern Ireland, for instance, is a single territory where by the earlier is by no means significantly absent.

‘There’s a constant undercurrent of stress, especially all-around controversial concerns,’ Milioni clarifies. ‘It is an example of how even a settled troubled earlier can re-arise and could probably also be revived, especially via political discourse, at times via media discourse, but also via community discourse.’ In REPAST’s other situation analyze international locations, the scenario is very similar.

The project’s facts collection thought of 4 areas of expression: politics, heritage – both of those oral and official – and the media, as perfectly as art and society. It provided routines as diversified as interviewing locals about their very own recollections of earlier situations or about the recollections that had been passed on to them by elders, discovering common and citizen media, scouring bash manifestos and viewing phase performances.

‘In Cyprus, for instance, we uncovered out that many artists are functioning with political dance, which is not widely acknowledged,’ she states. ‘We noticed how this kind of inventive activity essentially tries to recreate the earlier, and probably also problems hegemonic representations of this earlier.’

Quick forward

The emphasis in the challenge, which is because of to close in April 2021, will now change from facts collection to facts analysis, and to the generation of means and tips for policymakers – both of those in the REPAST situation analyze international locations and at EU degree – and civil culture organisations this sort of as non-governmental organisations invested in peacebuilding.

Other goal audiences in areas with a bitter legacy involve tourist guides, for whom REPAST intends to organise seminars and generate e-studying components. A facts system will enable any individual with an desire to explore, look at and distinction facts gathered by the challenge and entry its many other outputs, Milioni notes. The companions are also preparing to formulate methodology to aid foreseeable future exploration in the field.

Just one resource under progress is an on-line activity that fosters players’ skill to evaluate historical facts. Various adaptations of the activity, which is mainly meant for schoolchildren, will be formulated to fit diverse ages and nationwide contexts.

‘REPAST strives to convey the plan that heritage as taught in educational facilities, for example, or as offered in community discourse, is often made,’ Milioni emphasises. ‘As citizens, we want to choose a stage again, we want to develop the competencies to comprehend that what is being projected corresponds to a unique stage of see, to a unique entry stage.’