April 16, 2024

Paull Ank Ford

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Pepper trade concerned over slippage of imported pepper in domestic market

The whole pepper trade has voiced their concern around the slippage of obligation cost-free imported pepper into the domestic market, specially since of the existence of Salmonella germs as well as pesticide residues.

The import figures in February demonstrates that a complete of 1243 tonnes have been imported for re-exports. Of this, 440 tonnes are from Brazil, Vietnam (659 tonnes), Sri Lanka (70 tonnes), Ecuador (seventy three tonnes). Nevertheless, imports for domestic use at MIP stood at 38 tonnes. Key importers are from Delhi and Mumbai, reported Kishore Shamji of Kishor Spices.

Since it is described that DGFT has issued license to import pepper from Sri Lanka, it is giving incorrect signals that for these licenses MIP is not applicable, while the plan remains unchanged as significantly as MIP is worried. In accordance to Shamji, farmers are carefully observing and their major concern is the slippage of Brazilian pepper into the domestic market. Bolder berries of Vietnam pepper are also described to be slipping into the domestic market, he reported.

Traders are nervous that there could be a confusion amongst stop-users in the domestic market if the FSSAI detects the existence of germs in the Brazilian commodity.

Meanwhile, the pepper market in Kochi remained constant without having any modifications in selling prices which was quoting Rs299 for ungarbled versions. The off-just take was twelve tonnes.